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Centurion Safety Shower & Eye Washer
With over 10 years experience in the manufacturing of quality safety shower & eye washer.Centurion
Safety Shower & Eye Washer is a well-known brand in emergency personal equipment & personal protective equipment industry.

Our products are excellence in innovation and design.we have developed lots of style product to meet
different customers’requirement,such as the wall mounted type,pedestal type,with high warning tape
etc. Our products are strict following the European Personal Protective Equipment Standards.All our
products are certified by the European Directive CE 89/686/EEC.

Our products are widely applied in the chemical process industry,mine & oil industry,paper mills,construction,laboratories,pharmaceuticals processing,public utilities and hard working condition environment.
We will continue to move forward,provide high quality products & excellence service to our customers.

| Last update:2016.01.26